We want Gloucestershire to be the greenest place to live and work in within England. Our ambitious objective of providing a better future for generations to come by making us a net zero emissions economy will produce attractive and diverse business opportunities for inward investment.

Our ambition is to be the first place in the world to create a healthy circular economy in food and farming, helping to cool the climate, build natural capital and reduce food-related illness. To do this, we’re harnessing the world-class expertise of companies within the county. 

Working with the Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership, we’re also identifying opportunities to invest in nature-based solutions to capture carbon. In tandem with this, support and grants are being made available for new innovations that support soil health, carbon capture, connected ecosystems, food quality and welfare, and sustainability. 

Ultimately, by creating a green space to live, we’ll make Gloucestershire even more attractive to young talent across the globe and improve wellbeing, allowing for greater productivity in the region. 

Invested in GREEN Skills Centre

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Year Gloucestershire will be carbon neutral by

Green agenda

The Gloucestershire Sustainable Energy Strategy (GSES) is an ambitious plan to contribute to the UK’s net carbon emission reduction while sustaining reliable energy supplies and ensuring that energy prices remain affordable.

We’re putting clean growth at the heart of our strategies, supporting renewable energy generation, decarbonising heat, engaging with forestry and agriculture sectors as potential sources of renewable heat, and ensuring energy efficiency remains high on the agenda. 

To accomplish our goals, we are building on the capabilities of reputed local green companies – such as Ecotricity, McKerrow Engineering, Tidal Lagoon Power and Green Fuels – and attracting more to our county, so that we can create business development opportunities for a more sustainable future.

Improved transportation

Gloucestershire is already well connected, but as a county, we are continually investing in ways to improve our transport infrastructure and make it more eco-friendly. There are numerous initiatives that will allow us to lead the way in smart public transport solutions:

  • Innovative mass-transit solutions to provide a reliable, quick and clean link within the Central Gloucestershire City Region
  • Improved cycle links countywide to improve health, reduce congestion and protect the environment
  • Technology-driven mobility solutions, like Mobility as a Service (MaaS) or Dynamic Demand Responsive Transport (DDRT), to keep rural areas well connected with the rest of the county
  • Network of electric vehicle charging points across the county, including rural areas
  • Integrated travel planning programme (‘Think Travel’) to provide information about all transport options available, including public transport, community, cycling and walking

Gloucestershire Airport is also committed to reducing emissions and is cementing its position at the forefront of green aviation, with research into electric flight and drone technology. 

Sustainable housing

Gloucestershire is leading the way in affordable and sustainable housing with three sustainable settlements meeting the nationally recognised Building with Nature benchmark: Tewkesbury Garden Town, Cheltenham Garden Village, and Sharpness Eco Village.

There are also fantastic business opportunities in low-carbon retrofitting alternatives for heritage buildings, as Gloucestershire has double the national average number of listed buildings. Overall, Gloucestershire’s low-carbon housing retrofit market is valued at up to £2 billion over the next 15 years.


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