Gloucestershire offers a world of possibilities in the agri-tech sector. From its long and rich agricultural history and the intensive use of agricultural land in the region to a strong focus in innovation and research, our county is the go-to place for foreign investors in agricultural technology.

Our county is home to two of the most internationally-renowned agricultural institutions – the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) and Hartpury University and Hartpury College – and boasts the UK’s largest agri-tech incubator, Farm491.

As a region, we have an unparalleled reputation for excellence in agri-food, animal welfare, food chain research and equine facilities. And, with a strong transport network and close proximity to major cities, we’re attracting more and more agricultural experts and innovators. 

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R&D assets

Gloucestershire is a go-to hub for agri-tech facilities, with numerous incubation units and educational centres dotted across the region.

Based at the Royal Agricultural University,  Farm491 provides high-spec facilities and flexible innovation spaces for start-ups and entrepeneurs to research, test and grow their propositions.

Hartpury’s new Agri-Tech Centre, with its ‘Tech to Plate’ concept, gives farmers and agricultural companies access to state-of-the-art biosecurity and livestock handling units, where they can live-test the latest commercial technology in a real farm environment.

Thriving businesses

Gloucestershire’s varied agricultural business landscape comprises a vast network of small and medium businesses, and some of the world’s most recognised names in the agri-food sector like Campden BRI.

With the largest network of agri-tech SMEs in the UK, our county provides endless possibilities for cost-effectively testing new technologies and solutions, as well as for building longlasting co-operations with local partners.

Talent in the county

Gloucestershire’s time-honoured tradition in the agricultural field is epitomised by the Royal Agricultural University, established in 1845, which makes it the oldest of its kind in the world.

Hartpury University and College offers agriculture, animal welfare, equine, and veterinary nursing education at various levels, hosting the world’s largest equine educational facility.

Overall, more than 4,800 students and 600 academics take part in agricultural-related studies. This unrivalled talent pool puts Gloucestershire in an enviable position in terms of future agri-tech developments.


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