Stroud District: The Natural Place to do business and invest

15 May 2023

Leaders from across the business sector are joining up with Stroud District Council in a new venture to help stimulate more investment in Stroud district.

'Stroud District: The Natural Place' launched last week to stimulate investment in the district by helping people find out what makes Stroud's location, people and businesses so special.

The website and prospectus showcases the district’s green economy, innovation, workforce, work-life balance, infrastructure, investment opportunities, tourism, climate and ecology commitments, culture and heritage, and case studies featuring some of the great businesses and projects already based there.

It also explains more about green and agricultural technologies, advanced manufacturing, distribution and logistics, microbusinesses and SME, and creative industries.

“Our ambition for economic development is to support a sustainable, thriving and resilient economy for businesses communities and visitors. We set ourselves the task of promoting the Stroud district to attract more investment, focusing on environmental technologies, engineering and manufacturing and creative industries. The Natural Place prospectus does just this and we are excited to see who will choose our district as the place for innovation.” said Council Leader, Catherine Braun.

Integral to The Natural Place online prospectus are the Changemakers – leaders across business, environment and community enterprise who share their views about the district and why it so important for their venture. Current Changemakers include Ecotricity’s Dale Vince, GL11’s Indigo RedfernFiona Shiner of Woodchester Valley Vineyard, Stroud Brewery’s Greg Pilley and Pete Barrett of Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park. 

The Natural Place will feature new changemakers building an ever richer picture of the enterprise and innovation that lives and breathes throughout Stroud District.

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